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Come and visit our lovely traditional Cottage. Rates vary from season to season so for an exact price for your desired time please check our Bookings Page. I'm sure you will find the rates are very reasonable for an ideal cottage holiday.



Nestled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, our cottage boasts a very tranquille location in the most beautifull part of the country but yet very accessable to all the major tourist routes.

Our Property


It was formally a railway cottage built in 1911 but was converted in the early part of the century for domestic use. Over the years the cottage has managed to keep its original charm with only basic modernisation to keep in line with modern living.

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Meall Odhar

This is the peak of Meall Odhar. This picture was taken from our back garden as the cottage is situated at the foot of Meall Odhar. Beyond this peak is the summits of Ben Lui, Beinn a'Chleibh, Ben Oss & Beinn Dubhchraig. which are all joined via a rocky ridge. You will also find Lochran Oss & a small unamed Lochran (Lake) in the valleys. The source of the famous river Coronish & home of the Coronish Goldmine.

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